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Investing in North Minneapolis

Project Overview

The project to Invest in North Minneapolis is an effort that brings together the optimistic insight of Northside Residents and the creative envisioning capability of design students and professionals. We work together to organize the resources and provide the spaces to imagine a future that North Minneapolis deserves. Through this process, the values important to community members take form through thoughtful architecture and urban design. This studio aims to show that empowering communities begins a positive cycle that can foster a healthy urban environment and create equitable opportunity for long term socio-economic growth.

26th Ave. between Pacific and 2nd St. looking west

Land Acknowledgement

The work represented on this site takes place in and addresses the traditional, ancestral, and contemporary lands of the Dakota and Ojibwe people. We acknowledge the importance of advancing the rightful citizenship of the Dakota and Ojibwe, and we are grateful for their stewardship. These lands continue to be the site of rich histories and struggles for these Native Nations who were forcibly removed and relocated in the late 19th Century. More contemporary populations exist in the context of centuries of economic extraction through the forced labor of enslaved Black lives. Black and other marginalized communities have been knowingly disenfranchised by the policies of slavery, Jim Crow, oppressive HOLC and Zoning codes, and by the implementation of Interstate 94. The effects of these policies persist to this day. We recognize that to this day; injustice has shaped our city through racist urban practices and oppressive shaping of space. Honoring the Dakota and Ojibwe legacy of land stewardship, and with respect to the current culture and context this project aims to address the social injustices of the past and to uplift the residents of the North Minneapolis neighborhoods.

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