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The goal of Farview Connections project was to connect community organizations to each other and to the river. By providing safe spaces for students, youth, and the community, recreation centers in Northside Community promote the mitigation of violence. They can become a launching point to encourage greater connection of existing assets. The bicycle and pedestrian transportation loop creates a recreation district linked to Farview Park.
Asset-Based Community Development is a strategy for sustainable development. Instead of finding land and starting from scratch, Farview Connections links existing community resources such as Farview Recreation Center, the biking path on 26th Ave, Will Work for Recovery, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Burger King, and Nellie Stone Johnson School. The brightly colored and well-lit walking and bike path wraps around Farview Park for easy on and off access, crosses Interstate 94 and the river at two different points and meets up with the existing bike path on 26th Avenue.

Program Components


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