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The Green Art Street Proposal proposes to convert a series of mundane and often unsafe streets throughout the Northside into a dynamic, community-oriented safe city destination area and to improve the pedestrian experience.
Residents of all ages have identified gun safety and togetherness as critical areas of improvement in the Northside. The project seeks to reduce gun crime by giving the community agency for positive change. By adding art and greenery and connecting streets, the Green Art Street Proposal, tackles mental health and gun violence and demonstrates that the North Minneapolis neighborhoods matter and are worthy.
The Green Art Streets would be dynamic and activity-filled, where pedestrians and vehicles share the same space, igniting sociability, sustainability (which encompasses safety, health, and well-being), and a passion for art. Landscaping, trees, and furniture would be utilized as visual cues and as traffic calming devices to guide both pedestrians and vehicle-users, making these streets pedestrian-friendly. Furthermore, collaboration with existing Northside art programs such as Capri Theater and Juxtaposition Arts would bring more awareness to art in this community and revitalize the Northside by activities such as creating murals and ground art, and hosting dance festivals and art fairs.

W Broadway, 22 Ave, West River Road

W Broadway, 22 Ave, West River Road

Create Loops to form Zones

Connect the Zones into One Loop

Capri Theater

Juxtaposition Arts




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