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The Healing through Learning program offers a safe and collaborative space for youth when school is not in session. Its location next to the North Community High School, where many neighborhood young people attend high school, and its corridor design promotes connection to the adjacent North Commons Park with its large recreational area. While there are several existing activities available to students within the school, many spaces are only available during school hours.

Designed with access to nature and healing in mind, the program includes

1) a culinary space,

2) container gardens in which food can be harvested and

3) a kitchen, and a dining space.

Additionally, it incorporates

4) a music space and sound studio, where kids can create and record their own music,

5) a creation area and gallery for pottery, woodwork, painting,

6) a study space and tech center that offer career, tutoring and mentoring opportunities,

7) a lounge for youth to socialization and community-building, and

8) a living space with overnight rooms for the students who cannot access a safe or reliable home outside of school.

Creation Station

Student Home

Quiet Zone

Snack Shack

Sound Studio

The Hub


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