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The Food Hall project, envisioned as part of Northside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON) seeks to address two problems that emerged in research and studies in the Northside community: small business growth and the revitalization of business corridors within Hawthorne neighborhood. Business incubators, sponsored by private companies, municipal entities, and public institutions provide young businesses with the technical, financial, consultative, and administrative support that leads to innovation, creativity, and wealth generation. Through this, small business owners can be empowered as entrepreneurs.

NEON has advanced the efforts of underserved entrepreneurs in the Northside since 2006, and a current campaign is underway to create a commercial kitchen space. The design of the incubation space is informed by Midtown Global Market on Lake Street. Capri Theater is the home of NEON’s Food Business Incubator, and the proposed design works to celebrate local entrepreneurs by responding to their programming needs, local views, and creating a cohesive dining experience for visitors. The external facade draws in visitors, allowing them to see the dedicated work put into their food. The first floor is a lounge area and the second is home to dining with an upper-level exterior space that bring diners to Broadway Ave with a new view.

Hawthorne Site Plan

Program Studies

Broadway Site Plan

Broadway Ave. Section


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