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This studio work is a part of continuing research of North Minneapolis which now has four years’ worth of data. While it began as a studio focusing on juvenile incarceration, it has now developed into a holistic investment approach for the revitalization of the neighborhood. These knowledge-based studios follow the paradigm of design as a form of research investigation. Not all design is research, but in this approach, we base our design on evidence, and consciously explore alternative futures by considering diverse urban design options. This approach to architectural design requires using research knowledge in the form of readings and data that we reference in our work. It also requires careful and thoughtful documentation of our ideas in writing such as annotations that identify communicated and intended meanings and related design characteristics. Another form of research involves bringing knowledgeable people into the studio as presenters and as critics. Much of our information comes from community members who intimately know their neighborhood. We view these urban and architectural designs we created as a hypothesis of how to design a place or facility in this urban context. Our designs have not only a material presence but come with an explanation of why this is an appropriate response.

Our research categories in this studio are currently composed of: Food, Gardens, and Youth / Connections / Industry to Community / Wealth Building.